9 Reasons Why You Should Start Strength training

Strength training

1. You will lose more body fat than you will on that treadmill

Did you know that calorie-burning occurs mainly during resting metabolic rate (RMR), which is the time when you do cardio or strength training? RMR refers to the number of calories you consume in 24 hours, regardless of how much physical activity you engage in. While cardio burns more calories, increasing your lean body mass and your RMR. Strength training can help you burn more calories and improve your overall body composition. This West Virginia University study is worth a look.

2. This will improve your mood and decrease anxiety and depression

Why is it that so many people hate exercising? It could be that the benefits of exercising take so much time. However, exercising can instantly change your mood. While you may not feel happy if you are pushing yourself beyond your limits, it is possible to feel happier if you take the time to exercise. It should be considered an adjunct to any medical treatment.

3. Running on a treadmill will not improve your cardiovascular health as effectively as running on it.

Research suggests that strength training is more effective than cardio in improving markers of cardiovascular health.

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lowers cholesterol, triglycerides, and other lipids
  • Lowers visceral Fat
  • Improves your sleep quality. 

A good night’s sleep can improve insulin sensitivity, reduce fat, lower inflammation, and accelerate metabolism. 

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4. Reduced Cancer Risk

Visceral fat increases the risk of developing heart disease and cancer. Research shows visceral fat cells produce elevated levels of fibroblast Growth Factor-2 (FGF2), a cancer-triggering protein.

5. Increase Bone Density

Poor nutrition and inactivity can lead to a loss of approximately 1% bone density for the average person after 40. This means that you lose 10% by the age of 50. 

This doesn’t seem like much, but enough to cause a perfect storm if someone falls or twists the wrong way. A hip fracture, even a minor stress fracture to the back, can lead to severe pain.

Strength training can slow down the process and increase bone density. Walking/jogging and jogging may increase bone density. However, strength training targets the hips and spine, which are all vulnerable to fractures.

6. Reduced Osteoarthritis pain (OA)

It may be the right thing to do when your knees hurt from osteoarthritis. Studies have shown that strength training can significantly reduce osteoarthritis pain. It appears that there is a strong correlation between muscle power and OA. Increase muscle strength and improve OA symptoms

7. Maintains healthy joints, ligaments, and tendons

Muscles, ligaments, and tendons support our joints. They are vulnerable to injury from dynamic movements. 

Resistance training can increase muscle and tendon strength, as well as the flexibility of the ligaments. Which will reduce the likelihood of strain or tears.

8. Glycemic control is improved

Strength training improves glucose and increases the ability to store glucose. Glycogen is the name for this stored glucose. Strength training is a powerful addition to managing diabetes.

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9. It will transform you into a badass!!

When you lift heavy, you’ll love how it feels. Although it is not easy, you will feel strong and better after a workout.

Wearing a weighted vest is a great way to get started and takes little effort. The weighted vest is under $30. It’s lightweight and can be worn almost anywhere.

Also, you can use ankle and wrist weights. These can be worn while you clean the house or go for a walk.

You will gain bone density and tone up by gaining weight.

Important Disclosures

If weightlifting is done recklessly, it can cause injuries. I recommend you find a professional trainer to teach you the basics and correct form. You can also learn from YouTube and online videos once you are comfortable with the basics. 

But you must also understand how properly form your body. You can start slow and progress slowly. Do not worry about other people in the gym staring at you and asking why you only lift with a 5lb dumbbell. It’s not your concern what they think. You should be there for them.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get pumping!

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